Proactively Safe Driving

We Save Lives

Young Drivers of Canada is in the business of helping to significantly reduce road deaths and injuries through the delivery of the Young Drivers Defensive Driving Programs, Collisionfree!™ advanced driver improvement programs, and CogniFit® products.

Expert Instructors

Young Drivers Instructor Training Program is on of the most stringent requiring annual recertifications

Life Skills

Advanced Driving Skills learned for life is the foundation of Young divers for more than 50 years

Exclusive Programs

Develop Driving Skills through Young Drivers exclusive programs tailored to today's driving challenges

Remote Learning

Advanced Driving Programs are available remotely to complement In-Vehicle instruction

Driving in Adverse Conditions

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  • Driving Preparation
  • Mental Preparation
  • Vehicle Preparation
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Young Drivers Approach to Driver Training

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From Canada's Largest National Driving School, teaching collision avoidance defensive driving skills for over 50 years in all environmental conditions.

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